battlefield 4 requirements

battlefield 4 requirements

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What is new in Battlefield 4 ?

Only Problem is that the announced a revolution in the destruction of the environment is not speech.


Battlefield Cam

The bullets burrow beautifully plastered walls, weaker shields disintegrate under fire with grenade launcher, explosions rise into the air and dust, but relative to the Battlefield 3 can talk only about the increased frequency of glamor, of such visual elements throughout the building.

In fact, the impact of these fireworks on the game turns out to be surprisingly small ‚Äď the siege of Shanghai the whole couple went apparently put option centrally-situated skyscraper. View the rocks a juggernaut does colossal impression and sloping covers a thick layer of dust surrounding, significantly changing the setting for the map. Forget about transformation of the whole city in debris-smaller buildings are often completely resistant to damage. And it will fall off a piece of the wall, and this is the fa√ßade of the store on the ground floor will fall apart in a glass explosion. Don’t get me wrong ‚Äď in relation to the competition, EA DICE is far in front, but after a uproariously announced “Levolution” you can expect more. I wonder, too, how would it look like in the non-urban maps that are not so damning for the processor.

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Battlefield 4 

Although the release of Battlefield 4 remained almost a month, an open beta now lets see some news in multiplayer mode. It is time to begin the siege of Shanghai!

Trial version gives you access to one of the map is widely advertised the siege of Shanghai, and two game play modes: conquest and domination. Apparently people from EA DICE in 2011 they took to heart the words of criticism, because although the area is the same, both types of fun provides a completely different experience. The situation is not repeated with the Metro, which do not represent the richness of the full package.

Welcome to the material directly from the beta test Battlefield multiplayer mode 4. Provides us with one map, whichallows you to take a closer look at different innovations in the series.
The dominance of this fun rather in fighting in close quarters or Call of Duty. The action takes place on a small slice of the whole arena and focuses on the violent clashes. The corpse surgeon dense, and the front line changes as in Kaleidoscope. In the classic Conquest we become and to fight for the entire neighborhoods of the largest cities in China. During the battles of five key points we use equipment helicopters, armored cars, tanks, motor, gunboats. It is a kind of definition of the Battlefield soldiers as part of one team must support every step of the way, complementary skills and Parry the enemy. Post-match statistics clearly show that the total number of homicides and deaths do not translate into results.